The Darracq V8 - Period gallery

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December 1905 - record breaking run at Arles, France Driver - Victor Hemery (works chief test driver)and Mechanic - Victor Demogeot (works driver)
V8 period library Probably a factory photograph of the car as it was finished Christmas 1905
V8 period library V8 period library Waiting to start the timed runs, with ACF official in the background
V8 period library Spectators look on, "what it will do" mister?
V8 period library The Darracq 200 in flight
V8 period library Spectators look on, now they know, 109.65 mph
January 1906 - Daytona Festival of Speed Driver - Victor Hemery (works chief test driver) and Mechanic - Victor Demogeot (works driver,) later Demogeot is driver and Vivet is "promoted" to mechanic
V8 period library Posing for the cameras before the racing began
V8 period library Hemery makes ready while mechanic Demogeot looks on
V8 period library Hemery desolate as he hears that he is disqualified, Demogeot with foot on rear brake
V8 period library The new team, Demogeot centre, Chevrolet on viewers right, Vivet seated (factory machanic)
V8 period library Demogeot, with cigarette, frowns at seasick mechanic Vivet
V8 period library Demogeot and Vivet are stunned on being told their time, or their American English is not good enough to understand what the official is saying.
V8 period library Demogeot and Vivet are delighted
V8 period library Demogeot and Vivet, victorious, pose for the cameras
V8 period library Group photo including Vivet, Chevrolet's wife, Chevrolet, and others unidentified
V8 period library The prize giving ceremony
June 1906 - Darracq 200 brought to England
V8 period library Driver - Algenon Guinness and mechanic Kennelm Guinness pose in their new purchase
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